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February 9, 2023

What to Expect During Your Newborn Photography Session



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I'm Lindsay and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a collection of inspiration and resources for families looking to capture precious memories through fine art photography.

Hi, I'm Lindsay

Our full-service newborn photography is a little different than you might be used to. If you’re someone like me and appreciate knowing what to expect, you’ll love this blog. I walk through the entire newborn photography process so that you know exactly what goes into each step. I hope this answers any questions for you and helps you visualize what your newborn photography session will be like. 

Leading Up to the Newborn Session 

We start by thinking about the end results. During our consultation, I’ll ask you where you dream of displaying these portraits in your home. You’re not officially deciding anything, but this will help us plan your custom session. 

After we’re booked, you’ll come to the studio to choose your outfits for the day of the session. Instead of running around and trying to find something to wear, you get to shop my client closet. I’ll also book your hair and makeup for the day of the session. Leading up to the session, I’m just an email or call away to answer any of your questions. 

Light and Airy Baby-Led Newborn Photography 

Your newborn photography session is an effortless and peaceful experience. I have years of experience and training in photographing newborns and their families, but the truth is that I always let your baby’s needs come first. My approach to newborn photography sessions is very much baby-led while using my expertise to ensure we get the dreamy results we want. Your baby is always safe and comfortable throughout the session. 

We’ll have a plan for how the session will flow, but I always follow the baby’s lead. I always start by photographing your baby’s solo portraits while you (the mom) are having your hair and makeup done. You’ll be able to relax, be pampered, and watch while I document all of your baby’s precious details.

If young siblings are involved, I always recommend that dad brings them 1-1.5 hours into the session after hair and makeup is complete, and your baby’s solo portraits are done. That way, your little ones won’t have to wait around getting antsy! Once the whole family is ready, we’ll complete the remainder of the session, starting with a family portrait. Then, I’ll take portraits of your baby with siblings, mom and baby, dad and baby, etc. If that order needs to change at all, depending on your baby’s mood, we can do so. 

If, at any point, the baby needs a feeding break or a diaper change, we can pause so you can tend to the baby’s needs. Our sessions are never rushed, and we expect your baby to need a break. Sessions can last up to 2-3 hours, depending on your baby’s needs. 

After Your Newborn Photography Session

Approximately two weeks after the session, we’ll meet for the reveal appointment, where you will get to view all of your images. After choosing your favorites, we’ll work together to design your dream portrait artwork. Then your part is done! I handle the final design, order, delivery, and installation of your portrait artwork. 

Fishers, IN Newborn Photography 

My Carmel studio is located in The Village of WestClay shoppes and serves busy families who dream of portrait artwork that they can treasure forever. Your memories deserve to be preserved through a full-service photography experience. Please send me a message here with any questions or to schedule your consultation. 

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I'm Lindsay and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a collection of inspiration and resources for families looking to capture precious memories through fine art photography.

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