May 17, 2024

Baby Photos | 5 Important Milestones You Don’t Want To Miss!



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If no one’s told you, your baby’s first year will fly by! Milestone sessions allow you to have baby photos celebrating each new stage of your child’s first year of life. As a parent, it’s so exciting to watch your baby master a new skill every other week. At the same time, when you’re dealing with the busyness of everyday life and consistent sleep deprivation from caring for your newborn, it can all feel like a blur. This is where milestone sessions come in! These are moments you’ll always want to have to look back on and remember how far your baby has come.

Baby Photos | A 6 month milestone session with a brunette baby on a white blanket.

Which Milestones Should I Document? | Baby Photos

If you’re wondering when to schedule your first milestone session or which milestones to document, I can help. Every baby’s development is unique, but there are a few key stages I love to capture. From first smiles to playful expressions, there’s so much you’ll want to remember. While some families prefer an annual session, I highly recommend multiple sessions for baby photos during your child’s first year. I promise you won’t regret taking the time to invest in your baby’s memories.

During all these sessions, we will capture a mix of family portraits and solo photos of your baby. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing all your milestone sessions together, creating a beautiful timeline of your baby’s growth. Professional portraits are a timeless investment, providing lasting memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Newborn Session

This is the first and most important baby milestone you’ll want to get scheduled on your calendar. If nothing else, don’t skip out on documenting your baby’s newborn session. The newborn stage only lasts a few weeks, and it will go by so fast. You’ll love having these fleeting moments with baby photos documented so that you can always look back on them. Whether it’s your first baby or fourth, each new child is worth celebrating. The family dynamics also change with each new baby, and photographing those sweet sibling moments should be a the top of your list!

Three-Month Milestone | Tummy Time

After the newborn session, the first baby milestone session typically happens around the three-month mark. By this time, babies are usually more expressive and can hold their heads up independently. It’s an ideal moment to photograph tummy time, which they often enjoy more at this age. We’ll also document your baby’s first sweet smiles and giggles as they react to interactions with you!

Six-Month Milestone | Sitting Up

The next session is the sitter session, around six to eight months. This is arguably my favorite milestone to photograph! Every baby’s development is different, but at this stage, babies can often sit up by themselves. I love photographing them sitting solo on my studio bed—it’s a perfect way to showcase their growing independence. This is also the stage where babies are really starting to interact with Mom and Dad. You are the center of their entire world and can easily make them smile and giggle with your tickles and playtime. Capturing their adorable chunky thighs and little leg rolls is a must!

Nine-Month Milestone | Crawling

The next milestone occurs around the nine or ten-month mark. By now, your baby is likely crawling and starting to pull themselves up on furniture. These sessions are filled with fun as babies are much more active and curious. Once your baby starts crawling, your whole world changes. It’s the first sign of true independence as they begin to be mobile and explore their world in a new way. I know I know, pull out the tissues, Mom!

One-Year Milestone | First Birthday | Cake Smash Session

Congratulations, you’ve made it through your baby’s first year! It’s time to celebrate with a one-year milestone or First Birthday Session. This is a big moment that commemorates as your baby transitions from baby to toddler. Many families like to have their baby’s first-year session at the studio where it’s comfortable and climate-controlled for your child.

In addition, depending on the time of year, some families like to have their session outside in the morning or at sunset. Another way we can make this session special is to have a cake smash. I recommend a simple white round cake (6 inches or so) to celebrate this moment. No matter how you choose to celebrate, this is one milestone session you don’t want to skip!

Baby Photos – Reserve Your Sessions Today!

Ready to have baby photos that document their milestone journey? If so, I’d love to chat with you and help you get started—it’s never too late to begin! I have many families that start with their maternity or newborn photography sessions but also other milestones, so no worries if you’re “late” to start. This is one reason I offer The First Year Collective, a collection of multiple sessions to help you document your baby’s first year.

If we haven’t met yet, hi! I’m Lindsay, an Indianapolis Newborn and Family Photographer specializing in the early years of your family’s journey. My studio is located in Carmel in The Village of West Clay community. It’s an all-white, natural-light space perfect for documenting your baby’s milestones. I love helping families remember these fleeting moments with their little ones. At my studio, I also have a client wardrobe of dresses for moms and outfits for babies and children, access to a pro hair and makeup team, and more to help make your portrait experience effortless and stress-free. Contact me today to get more information about my unique session experience.

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