April 26, 2023

5 Benefits of Displaying Your Family Photos



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I'm Lindsay and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a collection of inspiration and resources for families looking to capture precious memories through fine art photography.

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There are real, lasting benefits of displaying your family photos in your home. As a family photographer and mom of three myself, I can attest to all of these benefits and more. These reasons are why it’s so important to me that I help my clients preserve their memories with printed portrait artwork. Here are the top five reasons why displaying your family’s photos is important. 

5 benefits of displaying your family photos

5 Reasons Why Displaying Your Family Photos Are Important 

Create the Best Home Decor 

Custom portrait artwork creates the best home decor that you can’t get anywhere else. As a full-service photographer, I guide my clients through the portrait artwork process so that their artwork complements their homes for many years to come. 

Printed Photos Last 

While it’s great being able to snap a million photos on your phone, the truth is that technology fails. Flash drives can get lost, computers break, and cloud passwords are forgotten. We hope that someday we can pass on our images to our children, but what will that look like in the future? The only sure way to hold onto your precious portraits is by printing them. Imagine handing down your wall art and albums to your children with these cherished memories. 

Why display your family photos

Bring Your Joy Every Day  

You’ll be able to look at your printed wall art and smile every time you look at it. You’ll remember that sweet time in your family’s life and spending time together in the studio. Our goal with every studio session is to create a warm and loving atmosphere for your family to spend together. So, we want you to look at your images and remember that magical day with your beautiful family!

5 benefits of displaying your family photos

Document Your Growing Family

Portrait artwork creates a time capsule of your growing family. We can’t slow down time or go back to when our children were little, but we can capture their sweet essence now so that we have treasured artwork to look back on and remember. By taking your family’s portraits annually, you’ll have a visual of your family’s growth over the years.

Boosts Your Child’s Self-Esteem 

Studies show that children who grow up with their portraits on the wall feel happier and more secure. Why is that? The portraits on the wall send them a strong signal of their place in their family and the world. Plus, children just love seeing photos of themselves! Mine love looking at their portraits on the walls. 

how to display your family photography

Family Photography

As a full-service family photographer here in Indiana, I help my clients document and display their most precious moments with printed portrait artwork. After the session, we’ll meet for your image reveal and ordering appointment. You’ll choose your favorite images from the session, and we’ll create artwork designs for you to see in real-time. Finally, you’ll feel confident knowing these pieces will look amazing. After that, I handle all of the final designing, ordering, delivery, and even installation for you! Enjoy your portrait artwork faster and without lifting a finger. 

Have any questions? I’d love to schedule a time to chat! Send me a message here. 

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