April 30, 2024

The Support You Need with 4 Postpartum Doulas in Indianapolis



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It’s not a secret that the postpartum stage can be more than a little stressful. Your body just did an incredible job growing a brand new human being and delivering them. And while you desperately need a chance to recover, your baby doesn’t quite understand. You spend most of your time trying not to move too much as you figure out all their brand-new cues. You could use some help right now, and postpartum doulas in Indianapolis are the perfect people. Not only will they help you with basic newborn care, but they can also provide you with the encouragement and advice you desperately need. Here are the best postpartum doulas in Indianapolis.

Find Compassionate Support After Delivery With These Postpartum Doulas In Indianapolis

New parents stand cradling their sleeping newborn baby against dad's chest thanks to Postpartum Doulas in Indianapolis

Indiana Birth & Parenting

Indiana Birth & Parenting is an agency that strives to help every kind of family across the Indianapolis area. The Indianapolis center lets you hire their help at any point in the postpartum stage, and their doulas stay by your side for as long as you need them. They give you the chance to meet your doula ahead of time so you can be sure they’re the best fit. You can purchase several packages that will provide you with anywhere from 40-450 hours of support. They offer both daytime and overnight care. 

Circle City Birth Services 

Tamrha Richardson started the Circle City Birth Services center to provide family-centered support to parents across Indianapolis. Tamrha has been recognized as one of the top doulas in Indianapolis and can offer trauma-informed postpartum care. While Tamrha primarily provides overnight postpartum care, her services come with one daytime visit so you can chat about your birth experience, get advice on infant feeding, discuss postpartum mood disorders, and more. She can also offer physical care for issues such as diastasis recti. 

A mom and dad sit in a studio holding their toddler son in dad's lap and newborn baby sleeping in mom's arms Postpartum Doulas in Indianapolis

Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center

6620 Parkdale Place, Suite K, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254

Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center provides evidence-based care through every step of your pregnancy and delivery. For prenatal appointments, you will meet with them in their birth center and find out everything you need to know for a custom-made birth experience. Once your Indianapolis baby arrives, their doulas offer a home visit as well as office visits to check on your postpartum recovery and ensure you are feeling your very best. 

Signature Birth Services

Signature Birth Services serves a 2-hour radius around Indianapolis. They offer comprehensive birth support and will ensure you have all the knowledge and tools to make your dream delivery a reality. Their postpartum support will provide you with recommendations on nutrition so you can balance out your hormones and potentially avoid a mood disorder. They can also assist with breastfeeding and connect you with lactation consultants if necessary. 

A toddler boy in a blue shirt sits on a couch holding his sleeping baby sibling in his lap thanks to Postpartum Doulas in Indianapolis

Take On Transitioning To Parenthood With Expert Postpartum Doulas In Indianapolis

The postpartum stage is not for the faint of heart, but the right doula will help you through it. Check out these postpartum doulas In Indianapolis today so you can receive exceptional assistance. 

If you’re looking for more ways to prepare for your newborn, I would love to connect! I am an Indianapolis photographer, and I adore working with new parents to help them remember every second of this incredible stage. I would love to have a conversation and tell you all about my sessions so you can decide if I’m the right photographer for you. Let’s chat soon!

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