February 9, 2023

How to Display Your Newborn Photos



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I'm Lindsay and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a collection of inspiration and resources for families looking to capture precious memories through fine art photography.

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Let’s discuss how to display your newborn photos after your session. It’s true what they say; our children grow up way too fast. I feel like I blink, and my kids are already bigger. I’ll never forget the first time I held each of my three children. Each memory of meeting my newborn is so precious to me. The truth is that your baby is only this little once, so it’s important to display newborn photos in your home to remember this time forever.

That’s why I’m so passionate about documenting and displaying your precious moments with heirloom portrait artwork. Printing your newborn’s portraits are the only way that you can truly enjoy them every day. As the years go by, you’ll be able to look at your child’s newborn portraits and smile, remembering what it was like to hold that sweet baby in your arms. 

Let me help you decide how you want to display your newborn photos with these tips! 

How to Display Your Newborn Photos 

Let Yourself Daydream –  Let yourself have a moment or two to daydream about how to display your newborn photos. Where do you see yourself looking at your newborn photos every day? Do you want to have something to hold and look through with your child? Do you want to display these on the wall? Which wall? Let your mind envision these portraits in your home. Many families prefer frames on the wall that they can see and enjoy daily. Others prefer to have an album of their favorite portraits preserved for generations to come. And many choose to have the best of both worlds: frames and an album.

Where do you display baby pictures?

Now that you’ve let your mind dream, let’s think about where you want these portraits to go. You can even walk around your home and imagine these timeless portraits on the walls. Take a photo of the wall to show your photographer. If you want an album, think about where you want to keep the album so it’s accessible to enjoy. 

Why Choose an Album – Albums are a beautiful way to document and tell the story of your newborn. Over the years, you and your child will love to snuggle up and turn the pages of their newborn album. You can remember what it was like to meet them and bring them home to your family. Someday, you will be able to pass on the album for your child to cherish. An album is perfect for including all of your favorite images from your session. It’s something you can display for your coffee table for daily viewing, or keep tucked away for safekeeping.

Why Choose Printed Portraits – Custom printed portrait artwork creates timeless home decor that you will love to admire as the years go by. We’ll choose frames that compliment your home and will look beautiful for the decades to come. Frames are perfect for viewing every single day in your home. Your family will love seeing your beautiful portraits each day as they walk by.

How to display your newborn photos

Growing Family Gallery Wall – Some clients love to use their newborn portraits as the starting point of a growing family gallery wall. We’ll be able to add to your gallery wall with each session and watch your family’s story grow. 

Grandparent Gifts – Grandparents love having a printed portrait of their grandchild in their home. We can design custom portrait artwork gifts for loved ones near and far. 

As your Indianapolis newborn photographer, my process starts with the end in mind. Your custom session experience is built around your personal goals of how to display your newborn photos. My job isn’t over until your portraits are on display in your home to enjoy every day.

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